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ZANAMIZO is a brand of handmade ceramic tableware.



“Za na mizo” translates to “for the table” in Slovene language.


All pieces are designed and handcrafted by Kristina Pucko in the countryside of the Swiss canton Fribourg. She aims to create objects with perceptual force that enhance the eating experience and bring playfulness to the art of table setting



Objects are created mostly by using pottery wheel and made of high-fired stoneware clay that ensures durability and resistance for everyday and heavy use in the gastronomical world.

For recent work follow my instagram page @zanamizo.

For orders, collaborations or studio visits send an email to kristina.pucko[at]

Partners & stockists


Soba Kuhna Kabinet, Maribor, Slovenia

Biskvit, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Rooster coffee, Maribor, Slovenia

Ciciarà, Milano, Italy

About Kristina Pucko

I'm a philosopher that turned potter.

After defending a PhD in philosophy on the topic of the perception of colors at the University of Milano in 2018, I stumbled upon the world of ceramics. It revealed itself to me as a natural and more practical development of my previous theoretical research. It has allowed me to bring together my interests in the study of perception, food and tablescaping. 

I grew up in Slovenia and the studies took me abroad. I currently live and work in Switzerland.

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